Spud Nation Throwdown

The third annual Spud Nation Throwdown in Orlando promises a unique venue for potato processors, grocery manufacturers and dehydrators to showcase what innovations they have created using their products in the food service space. The two-part competition, hosted again by Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, will include two finalists who go head-to-head in an Iron Chef Style cook-off on January 11. This year features a new twist - blindfolded taste tests by the judges! You won't want to miss the excitement and the competition as chefs bring all their skills to the "table."

Stay tuned to see the chefs competing in the 2018 Spud Nation Throwdown! See what happened at the 2017 Throwdown in the video below.


The second Spud Nation Throwdown cook-off was held at the Potato Expo 2017 in San Francisco. This event featured an exciting fusion of tastes, cultures and flavors as a diverse group of international chefs incorporated potatoes into dishes inspired by their distinctive culinary experiences. The cook-off between Tony de Graaf (Taiwan), Doris Goldgewicht (Costa Rica), Ian Kittichai (Thailand), and Wandy Robles (Dominican Republic) demonstrated the global passion for potatoes and showed each chef’s ability to blend traditional Asian or Latin foods with Western. The winner, Ian Kittichai, was honored for his recipe Massaman curry. Tony de Graaf received second prize for potato involtini.