We're expanding our wildly popular Innovation Hub to include even more eye-opening presentations and discussions. You'll get up to speed on the latest trends, research, and issues facing the potato industry - all to help boost your business in 2019 and beyond.

potato expo 2019 innovation hub sessions:

Wednesday, january 9

Insights into Metam Sodium Movement in Soil: How to Improve Application Patterns

Kyle Coleman, Marketing Director, NovaSource North America

What’s Under the Ground is Under Your Control: Understanding Nematode Management Options

Kelly Luff, Principal Scientist, and Justin Luangkhot, Technical Service Representative, Bayer CropScience

Automated Planting-to-Processing Crop Tracking with Field and 3D Cellar Mapping
Richard Bishop, Owner/Sales Engineer, Bishtec LLC Engineering Solutions


Potato Sustainability Initiative: Continuous Improvement in Sustainable Potato Production

Thomas Green, Ph.D., President, The IPM Institute of North America Inc.


Preserving Tuber Quality, Meeting Sustainability Requirements with Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA)

Vijay Choppakatla, PhD, Plant Pathologist, BioSafe Systems LLC; Brian Vermette, Owner, Storcool; Kent Wasden, Owner, GroupAg LLC; and, Kurt Schwartau, Business Development Manager, BioSafe Systems LLC

Optimizing Nutrient Source and Placement for Improved Tuber Quality and Maximum Yield

Tommy Roach, Director, Specialty Products and Product Development, Nachurs Alpine Solutions

Enhancing Soil Health in Potato Cropping Systems: The SCRI Kickoff
Moderator: Carl Rosen, Professor, University of Minnesota, Panelists: Linda Kinkel, Professor, University of Minnesota; Noah Rosenzweig, Assisstant Professor, Michigan State University; Chris McIntosh, Professor, University of Idaho; and Matt Ruark, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin

thursday, JANUARY 10

Using Science, Research and Big Data to Simplify Potato Irrigation Management

Kurtis Charling, Manager, FieldNET Business Solutions, Lindsay Corporation, and A.J. Bussan, Ph.D., Senior Production Agronomist, Wysocki Produce Farms

Revolution in Field Scouting Using AI and Deep Learning
Simcha Shore, Founder & CEO, AgroScout

Put Your Soil to Work: Invest in Soil Health and Enhance Crop Performance

Edwin Suarez, CCA, MS, Technical Agronomist, Midwestern BioAG

Using Soil Health and Disease D
ata for Decision-making in Field Production

Ariel Zajdband, Ph.D., Head of Product, Trace Genomics, Inc.

The Art of Storing Potatoes in Theory and Practice
Dim-Jan de Visser, CEO, Tolsma Techniek Emmeloord

How Early Blight Resistance to SDHI Fungicides is Impacting Current Control Strategies?

Kirk Sager, Technical Services Manager; Brian Corbin, PNW Retail Market Manager; and Issa Qandah, Technical Services Manager, FMC

UCAN: Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer for Improved Potato Production and Tuber Quality

G.W. (Bill) Easterwood, Ph.D., Director of Agronomic Services, Yara North America

Nutrition Research News: Defining High-Quality Carbohydrate Foods and Implications for Potatoes

Julie Miller Jones, Ph.D., CNS, CFS, LN, Professor Emerita, Foods and Nutrition, St. Catherine University

The Future of Precision Agriculture is TINY: Nanotechnology in Crop Protection
Darren Anderson, PhD, President and Co-founder, Vive Crop Protection