Rosen Shingle Creek

To make reservations, please call the hotel at 866.996.6338. If you are unable to make a reservation for the entirety of your stay:

1) Add your name to the waiting list through the hotel. We expect rooms to open up.

2) Email us with your arrival and departure date and we will do what we can to help with any internal cancellations.

9939 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32819
p: 866.996.6338

For additional information on how to get to the hotel, driving directions, parking rates and taxi fares, click here.

Did someone call you about making a reservation at the Rosen Shingle?

Do NOT book reservations through any other company or representative claiming to represent Potato Expo or offering discounts. While these companies may offer lower rates, they will end up adding on fees and you will ultimately pay more, or end up without a legitimate reservation. Report any such correspondences to Book room reservations only through the link and toll-free number provided above.